Our Mission

Sustainability Edge Solutions was founded in 2007 with the mission of propagating responsible production and consumption practices that contribute market expansion for environmentally and socially preferable products and businesses.  We catalyze and support sustainability conscious businesses to build and manage resilient, scalable, sustainable businesses that thrive, while being a force for good in the world.

Our Values

We are trusted advisors to our clients and partners in their long-term success. We engage and collaborate with those who share our values, working to transform the marketplace in favour of products that contribute to environmental and societal wellbeing, and sustainable peace and prosperity for all.

Why Work With Us?

Our real world experience working in strategic, management, operations and technical functions, developing and implementing sustainability programs in diverse industry sectors gives us the breadth and depth of knowledge and expertise to guide our clients in developing sustainability programs to achieve their sustainability visions, values and goals.  We work from a position of understanding the needs and interests of our clients and their stakeholders to reduce environmental impacts and enhance social well-being, while improving profitability and competitive advantage.

  • We facilitate the development of product life cycle management, sustainable purchasing programs, supply chain sustainability management and environmental marketing programs. 
  • We are a neutral third party advisor to industry with extensive experience with sustainability standards, codes, certification and eco-labelling systems.  
  • We work with industry groups to navigate the development and application of ISO 14025 Product Category Rules (PCRs) and Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), working with program operators and life cycle assessment practitioners. 
  • We develop strategic and integrated sustainability management systems, strategies, plans and programs that improve your triple bottom line, enhance your brand and position your business to lead transformation to global sustainable prosperity.

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