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Strategic Sustainability Strategy and Management

A compelling sustainability vision, strategy, and plan aligned and integrated with your organization’s unique needs and values are critical for ongoing profitability. The key steps in the process for developing a business sustainability strategy include:

  • Sustainability assessment, needs analysis and business case;
  • Internal and external stakeholder engagement;
  • Sustainability vision and goals;
  • Prioritization and implementation of sustainability initiatives;
  • Performance metrics, measurement and tracking progress toward targets;
  • Reporting of achievements and progress towards sustainability goals.

We work with sustainability champions and teams to collaborate with their stakeholders for the development and implementation of strategic sustainability programs that enhance environmental, social, economic and governance (ESEG) aspects and create resilient, agile, scalable and sustainably thriving businesses by design.

business man writing business strategy

Stakeholder Engagement for Sustainability

It is important that key internal and external stakeholders groups impacted by a company’s activities are engaged in a dialogue that generates valuable input to the organization’s sustainability strategy.  This helps to identify unforeseen risks and challenges as well as potential solutions that can truly add value to all stakeholders. Together, with key stakeholders businesses develop sustainability strategies tailored to their organization’s context, needs and values.

  • Seek alignment and shared understanding of diverse drivers, interests, needs and values;
  • Identify benefits, barriers, pitfalls, challenges;
  • Establish shared vision and strategy;
  • Identify goals and initiatives to achieve the strategic vision;
  • Implementation plan for the sustainability strategy.

We work with your team to design and deliver informative, thought-provoking and constructive multi-stakeholder workshops to exponentialize your strategic sustainability management outcomes.

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Exponential Solutions for Sustainability

Develop a mindset and culture of exponential thinking to facilitate disruptive sustainability breakthroughs that can lead to transformative impacts in the marketplace.  Integrating your quality, environmental, health and safety management systems with energy and greenhouse gas management, social responsibility, economic and governance aspects, as relevant and appropriate to your organization holds tremendous business value. Integrated management systems eliminate duplication of effort, enhance resilience and scalability while at the same time streamlining the third-party auditing, verification and sustainability reporting functions.

We develop the capacity of sustainability champions and teams to develop and implement integrated sustainability management systems based on exponential technologies, international frameworks and standards and cross-sector collaboration.