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The pressure on private and public businesses to act on environmental, social, economic and governance (ESEG) aspects of sustainability from all stakeholders has been increasing at an accelerated pace as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The planet's natural ecosystems continue to be severely degraded, compromising the ability to sustain life. Billions of people are living without the basic necessities of life as a result of exploitation and overconsumption of finite resources, ever-growing income and social inequality and lack of access to food, water, housing, sanitation, health care and education.

In this world of accelerating change and disruption to all industries and sectors all at once, businesses of all sizes are looking to technologies, processes, frameworks and partnerships that will help to ensure their long-term viability, resilience and adaptability. While incremental changes can be a good first step, there is a growing recognition that businesses are facing an overwhelming need for transformational change, pivoting and reinventing their business models to remain sustainable and scalable in a volatile, uncertain, chaotic and ambiguous (VUCA) world.

what we do

We facilitate the implementation of exponential and scalable sustainability performance breakthroughs and innovations incorporating the attributes of exponential organizations. Our programs integrate systems thinking, business value chain management, life cycle thinking, environmental claims and management systems, based on international frameworks. As neutral, third-party advisers, facilitating engagement of cross-sector stakeholders, we provide step-by-step guidance for the application of internationally recognized best practices, frameworks, tools and ISO standards.

Sustainability for Business

Building capacity of startup founders and teams to operationalize innovative and sustainable business models within diverse industry sectors.

STrategic Sustainability

Strategic Sustainability management strategies that support exponential mindset and innovation with social and environmental impact.

Sustainability champions

Customized virtual training courses, programs, workshops and events for industry sustainability leaders, teams and executives

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Free The Food GLobal Community

An initiative sponsored by Sustainability Edge Solutions

Free the Food is a global community collaborating on programs to empower women founders and startup teams to create thriving businesses accelerating transformation to a regenerative food system.

Collaborate with us to co-build transformational projects that empower women around the world to heal the planet and transform their communities through regenerative food practices and thriving businesses.

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